“WISH Science Clubs” & “WISH In A Box”

Free admission to all WISH Careers Events for Science Club members!


WISH was created to encourage girls to explore careers in health, science and technology through fun and creative avenues.

By starting a WISH Science Club Chapter in your school, you’ll have a new way to spend time with your friends, and discover or further your interest in health, science, and technology through activities that you guys choose! Plus you will Receive up to 5 free WISH wristbands for your school’s chapter and $10 for you!

  • Want to learn more about a particular career? Invite a woman in that field to come speak to your group about her experiences. Ask about taking a tour of her work place.
  • Ever think it might be cool to build a mini rocket? Make that your club’s project and do it! Local rocket clubs will launch it for you. I built a rocket this summer with a friend… It was a Blast!
  • Want to see a research lab up close? Plan a field trip to a local institute of technology.

Starting to see how much fun a Science Club can be when Powered By Girls who decide what they want to learn?

WISH Science Club membership and chapter establishment are free. You can even include guys as members if you choose. All you need to get started is:

  • A group leader or teacher to serve as your Chapter Advisor.
  • Have that adult send your request to start a WISH Chapter including your:

-  School/ Group Name

-  Mailing Address

-  Fax Number

-  Advisor’s First and Last Name

-  Advisor’s Email Address

-  Advisor’s Phone number

We’ll send you some projects and ideas to get you started… You define the fun!

Remember, participation in extracurricular activities involving a desired career path can give a boost to your college transcripts!

WISH In A Box!

WISH Careers In A Box is a way to participate in a WISH Health & Science Careers Seminar from where you are.  Email us for the “Careers Seminar Video” and the “How To Host” your own careers seminar document @  wishcareers@yahoo.com .  Share the Careers Seminar Video with your group or organization and get a free WISH wristband!

You really can host your own career seminar.  I did it when I was 16, and so can you!  There are so many professionals and organizations out there in your community just waiting to encourage more young women like you into health, science, and technology fields. All you have to do is reach out.

Also, this type of community service looks super on college transcripts!

Please always put your saftey first!  We will provide you with a list of saftey guidelines to review with a parent before beginning your adventure. Please NEVER contact any strangers without your parent’s knowledge and permission. CC a parent on all email communications, and ALWAYS bring a parent or an adult you trust when meeting with community contacts.

My journey has been awesome, yours can be also!

Go Ahead… Take the challenge to be a positive force in your community…  Make YOUR world a better place!