About Us

Hi I’m Zoë!

In 2011, while an Ambassador Girl Scout working toward the “Gold Award”, I created the W.I.S.H. (Women In Science & Health) Careers Network For High School Girls.

I under took this task because of my enthusiasm for health and science-based careers, and my discovery that fewer high school girls than boys choose and begin preparation for Health, Science, or Technology based careers while in high school.

Girls who choose to take challenging math & science courses in high school are much more likely to successfully meet the rigors of science, health, or technology based majors in college! For this reason, the W.I.S.H. Careers Network was created. I want to encourage, educate, and positively affect young women in these career paths.

This is a community for GIRLS to Discover, Share, and Support each other.

I hope this site Blesses you!

Zoë Gadegbeku